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Cen-Pe-Co has always maintained as top priority the quality and performance of their products, making them "The World's Best Heavy-Duty Lubricants"™

Cen-Pe-Co Engine oils are formulated with the best ingredients for Maximum Performance and Protection for your engine.

Since 1911

Central Petroleum Company (Cen-Pe-Co) is one of the oldest and largest independent oil compounders in the United States, founded in 1911. They obtain the highest-quality ingredients (components) available, blend them together and market them under the exclusive Cen-Pe-Co brand name.

Simply the Best

Cen-Pe-Co's customized oils and other lubricants are exclusively engineered to exceed today's specifications. While most other oils are made from mixed crudes of varying quality and origin, Cen-Pe-Co oils utilize the highest grade of 100% pure paraffinic base stocks available. They are simply the best.  

Engine life can be extended up to 50% longer through reduced friction and wear, cooler and cleaner operation, maximum acid neutralization, and minimized oil breakdown.

That is why customers have entrusted Cen-Pe-Co to lubricate over $100 billion worth of equipment in agricultural, construction, trucking, and industrial applications.

Engineered to Save You Money

Superior lubrication delivers maximum performance and economy.  Cen-Pe-Co lubricants enable your equipment to achieve maximum performance while at the same time maintaining the lowest operating costs due to increased fuel economy, extra protection for extended oil drain intervals, longer engine life, reduced oil consumption, and an overall reduction in downtime.

Excellence Cannot be Compromised

When it comes to lubricating your equipment, excellence cannot be compromised.  That is why those who are satisfied with "only the best" use Cen-Pe-Co products.

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