Cen-Pe-Co Engine Oils

Central Petroleum Company has scientifically formulated Cen-Pe-Co Engine Oils for superior performance in heavy duty engines since 1911.

Cen-Pe-Co Engine Oils excel in light, heavy, and extremely heavy-duty service in all sizes of turbo-charged and naturally aspirated diesel and gasoline engines. They provide superior cleanliness, soot and acid control, even in EGR engines.

Cen-Pe-Co Engine Oils are formulated with Virgin 100% Pure Paraffin base oil because of its higher heat resistance and stronger film strength. Cen-Pe-Co multi-grade engine oils are also strengthened with viscosity improvers of exceptional shear and thermal stability. This special base oil and viscosity improver is fortified with Cen-Pe-Co’s exclusive additive package for unequalled performance and engine cleanliness. Cen-Pe-Co Engine Oils offer the same unsurpassed bearing protection that Cen-Pe-Co Super Racing Oil provides.

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