Columbia Paints & Roof Coatings

The Highest Quality Protection

Cen-Pe-Co has formulated and manufactured Columbia Paints and Roof Coatings for over 75 years. Columbia Paints are formulated with the highest-quality ingredients for superior protection on wood, masonry and metal surfaces.

Columbia Roof Coatings are unparalleled in providing the strongest protection available against rust and corrosion on metal roofs and sidewalls, metal bins and storage tanks.

Columbia Paints

Columbia Metal Latex Paint

A 100% acrylic emulsion product formulated with the finest raw materials available. The ideal choice for protection and beautification of primed and/or previously painted metal surfaces. Contains higher solids content than most competitive products which assures superior dry film thickness, longevity and color retention. With labor accounting for over 50% of total painting costs, you want the finest-quality paint available for your paint project.

Columbia Acro-Plex Paint

A superior water-based acrylic paint formulated with the highest-quality raw materials available. Provides excellent weathering and UV resistance.Leaves a tough yet flexible finish with excellent chalk and staining resistance. Retains its color even when subjected to the harshest elements. Good for wood, metal, concrete, brick, stone, plaster and cement board surfaces.

Columbia Zinc Metal Paint

A high-quality alkyd resin zinc paint designed to inhibit rust, corrosion and oxidation on metal surfaces. Can be used as a primer and/or finish coat and provides an attractive, durable finish for your metal surfaces. Contains higher solids content than most competitive products which assures superior, long-term protection. Available in Quaker Gray, Red and Ultra White.

Columbia Zinc Dust Paint

A high-quality rust-inhibiting paint containing the highest proportion (21 pounds per gallon) of zinc pigments. Replaces the zinc that weathers off of galvanized steel. Outlasts regular paint by up to four times. Covers in one coat and can also be used as a spot primer on rust.

Columbia Tank Armor Plus Paint

Formulated and recommended for coating steel, with a 15 year plus, glossy life. Use with Columbia Low VOC Primer.

Available in 1 and 5 gallon pails.

Columbia Roof Coatings

Columbia Sterling Aluminum Fibre Coating

A high-quality asphalt-based fibred aluminum roof coating designed to stop rust and prolong the life of metal roofs. Contains the highest grade of asphalt, aluminum pigment and specialty fibers available. Provides excellent adhesion to metal and retains its flexibility for years. Formulated with flaked aluminum paste that enhances the weathering characteristics of the coating and provides superior UV protection. Withstands temperature changes and increases resistance to cracking, distortion and flaking. Reduces interior temperatures as much as 15 degrees. A one-coat finish – right over the rust. Guaranteed to stop rust with Cen-Pe-Co’s 10 Year Limited Rust Warranty. Good for metal roofs and sidewalls, metal bins and storage tanks.

Columbia Silvershield Coating

A highly-reflective asphalt-based non-fibered aluminum coating designed to restore a beautiful finish to metal roofs and other metal buildings. Contains the highest-quality asphalt and flaked aluminum for a brighter, uniform appearance. Reduces expansion and contraction and provides excellent heat-reflection. A great solution to enhance your building appearance. Economical and easy to apply.